Women’s Club Basketball is Now at Georgia Tech

It has taken me a while, but I am finally back. Over the last year I have graduated college and moved on to graduate school. I am now a Master’s student at Georgia Tech.

You would think that Georgia Tech, being a good school in basketball, would have a club team on either the men’s or women’s side. Nope. When I arrived at Georgia Tech, neither of them existed. Let me tell you that I was frustrated. How was I going to play basketball if there was no team to play on?

My solution at that time was to play pick-up every Friday at the CRC. One difference was there were no women playing. If there were women, they played earlier before I got to the gym. When I played, I was the only woman playing with guys that towered over me. This had to change.

So I went to club sports and asked how I could start a women’s basketball club. It was a long process. I put up flyers around campus and waited. And waited. It was a long wait, but finally towards the end of fall semester, I got enough interest to get the club official organization status. We had a meeting and over the winter break, more interest trickled in.

Now we are on our way to being an official club sport. Practices just started and our first intramural game is tomorrow night. It will be interesting to see how we play after having one practice. I am confident that we will do well. It looks like we have a good group of ladies, and I am looking forward to the season.

#Yakira Bristol
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